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Month: June 2012

Three Days A Week: Is This The New Way Of Newspapers?

The New Orleans Times-Picayune announced that it is ceasing daily publication this fall and will only publish print editions three days a week – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Is this the future of newspapers stuck in the middle of a rapidly changing digital environment, where their pure purpose may be just as a distribution vehicle […]

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Does Your Company Have A Gold Standard Of Service?

• In all business categories, the defining decision a customer or client makes in determining whether to purchase from you or your competition, comes down to one single element: service – the overall experience and delight of dealing with your company. • How you structure your customer service experience is a critical part of your […]

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QR Code Scans Gaining More Traction, Increasing 157%

Consumers’ use of QR Codes is growing in popularity, up 157percent during the first quarter of this year compared to the same time period last year, according to a report by Scanlife, the mobile barcode solution provider. The heaviest usage has occurred while shopping: 57 percent have scanned a QR code for product details while […]

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The Secret To Success In Social Media: The Filtering Process

It can be terribly confusing – so many social media platforms. On some you, can write an essay; others are limited in their character counts. Some platforms are category-specific and others have mass appeal. On some you can pin, others just stream by. While much has been said about the importance, value and frequency of […]

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Liking Or Disliking Facebook Stock: Why It’s A National Obsession

The Facebook IPO rollout, hyped to be a huge success, turned into a colossal failure. When you look at all the possible contributing elements – sabotage, mystery, murky financial dealings and the greed of Wall Street – it’s no wonder that watching the events this coming month will be like watching a true-mystery drama unfold […]

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