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Month: February 2014

How Should YOU Communicate on Social Media?

With all the various types and ways to communicate to your audience on social media the best way to start is – simple. Your first mistake would be to try doing too much at once and not doing anything well at all.  Start by studying your target audience and then decide which platforms make sense […]

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Disney Institute: Why You Should Give Your Company A “Detail” Audit

Traditional or online, the most successful marketing entails every aspect of your business no matter what category you’re in, and the difference is in what your customers notice most: small details.  The acclaimed Disney Institute focuses on details as markers for success: the parking lot, the doorknobs, the exterior and interior designs – even the […]

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Video – Now Socially Acceptable

When you think of social media what comes to mind? Photos, quotes, networking, and what have you.  What about video though?  With the latest trending of Vine and Instagram video is becoming more and more popular and powerful.  The average user will spend 88% more time on websites that have video (Mist Media).  Video has […]

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