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Month: July 2018

Working to Make a Difference

If you’re like me, your workday is not anywhere close to 9 – 5. You’re moving a million miles a minute, multi-tasking, juggling deadlines, and putting out fires 24/7…and doing it all with focus and drive, I might add!   What fuels that drive, I wonder? For me, the gas in my engine is the […]

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Rolling Up Our Sleeves to Get the Work Done!

As CEO of a mid-sized agency, I make what seems like four million decisions every day; some large, some small, some important, and some that are no big deal. It runs the gamut. But, if I were to sum up the essence of what guides the myriad of decisions I make – most especially those […]

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The Heart In Marketing

We LOVE integrated marketing. Helping businesses grow by crafting and implementing the right strategy and by deploying state-of-the-art technologies and approaches is where our heart is. But, heart is also about service. It’s about helping others succeed, lifting others up, and making a difference. Since the day we first opened our doors, Avocet has been […]

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Not too long ago, Jerry Comer of Comer & Associates, a Colorado-based company focused on building healthy organizations, was a guest on the Integrate & Ignite podcast. On the show, he talked about the importance of what he called “forging” teams. I love that term. For me, it evokes an image of disparate elements coming […]

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