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Month: September 2018

Connecting To Your Purpose

I sometimes feel like I am moving a million miles a minute. Between family and work, football games and business pitches, the carpool and plotting out the agency’s goals for 2019, it’s a wonder I get any sleep at all! But, even in the most rushed and crazy of moments, I often marvel at the […]

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Internal Communications: In a Fast-paced World, You Have to Stay Connected

No matter how big or small your organization is – whether you are leading the marketing team of 50 at a Fortune 500 company, or you are the CEO of an agency of six – how your team interacts with each other, and how information is communicated internally, is vitally important. If the team isn’t […]

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Finding and Defining Your Brand’s voice

You might not have thought about it in this way, but your brand has a voice. By voice I mean the tone and essence of your brand – its style and personality – the way it is communicated through words and even images. A brand’s voice is what motivates and engages audiences, creates loyalists and […]

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Leadership for Today

I write a great deal about leadership on this blog. It’s also a subject I tackle on just about every one of my Integrate & Ignite podcasts. One aspect of leadership that I find myself ruminating on quite frequently is the differences between men and women leaders, and how they manage and communicate with their […]

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