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Month: November 2018

Adventures in Team Building

There have been a TON of articles, books, and even academic dissertations written about team building; why we need it, how the best companies do it, and its impact on productivity, longevity, and the bottom line. It’s certainly a subject that I take very seriously and something that I consider to be one of the […]

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Building a Brand Ambassador Program

Here’s a sobering fact about our industry: as a general rule, people don’t trust brands. But, people DO trust other customers. A recent Nielson study showed that 84 percent of people trust recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues over other forms of marketing. Think about how much more impactful and persuasive it is to have a customer […]

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In Praise of Disruption

I often say that the best plans are those that change. We can do all the planning and all the strategizing we want, we can come up with marketing plans that are solid and impactful, full of creative ideas, and that promise results and a big ROI. But, in the end, none of that means […]

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Leadership that Drives Strategy

The work we do for our clients – innovative, integrated marketing campaigns that grow their businesses and make them in demand – is always based on keen, strategic planning and creative execution. In the simplest of terms, I define strategy as the direction. I define leadership as the driver that translates that strategy into action. […]

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