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Month: January 2019

Building Relationships and Growing a Brand

Growing Brands and Working for the Common Good Anyone that knows me, knows how passionately I love my job and how devoted I am to Avocet, the agency that was started by my father over 30 years ago, and that I was blessed enough to help grow by his side and under his expert guidance. […]

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Building your Natural and Organic Brand

Blazing an entrepreneurial trail is not easy. Getting advice – as well as a healthy serving of encouragement and insight – from your peers is priceless. Colorado happens to be the epicenter of some of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs in the food and natural/organic space. The success stories are plentiful and inspiring. And, natural, […]

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Why Video Content Needs to Become Part of Your Marketing Toolkit

Use of Video in Marketing As marketers, our job is to conceive of and deploy strategies that help build awareness and drive sales for our clients’ products and services. We do this through a variety of strategies and tactics: advertising, PR, media relations, SEO, and more. But, what frames all of these strategies is content; […]

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Earn and Build Customer Loyalty for Life

Regular readers of my blog and listeners of the Integrate & Ignite podcast know that I often talk about finding your “why.” I have been in this business for a long time, and while it changes and advances at a sometimes dizzying pace, the one thing that does NOT change and that has always been […]

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Conversational AI: Getting Your Brand Voice – and A.I.- Ready in 2019

You have undoubtedly heard about Conversational Artificial Intelligence. You have even probably engaged with it. We’ve all used the voice command on our phone to get directions to a restaurant, and many of us have a “speech-based assistant” in our home that can turn on the lights, set an alarm, and even play music. What […]

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