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National marketing effort generates over 3 million impressions and 158% increase in site visits in first 6 months

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Founded in 1981, Longmont Economic Development Partnership’s mission is to lead a comprehensive, collaborative economic development strategy that promotes and strengthens the community’s economic health. From nationally known brewers to smart manufacturing plants, from specialized business catalysts to world-class research facilities, the businesses in Longmont represent an economy that champions growth, prosperity, and inclusion. Longmont’s economic development strategy, Advance Longmont 2.0, focuses on quality job creation and business investment. LEDP activates a powerful civic infrastructure that identifies problems, creates innovative solutions, and implements these programs across partner organizations.


Out of recognition of the centrality of talent as economic development in the modern economy, Longmont EDP partnered with Avocet to develop a national economic development marketing campaign with an emphasis on talent recruitment. Additionally, Avocet set its sights on creating more awareness and interest in Longmont among site selectors, the consultants who help companies choose where to expand physical locations.


To assist in attracting talent to Longmont, Avocet deployed an integrated marketing plan with the goal of increasing visibility of Longmont as a career and quality-of-life destination. Leveraging Longmont EDP’s extensive data, we geotargeted audiences based on locations that over-index in the kinds of industries and job categories that Longmont currently needs. In addition, Longmont EDP’s website and social platforms were branded and optimized to provide additional information and resources for prospective job seekers.

To build awareness among site selectors, we developed an unexpected direct marketing stream to keep Longmont top-of-mind.


Because Longmont EDP has a novel approach to economic development, Avocet knew we needed a fresh approach to branding and marketing. First, we developed a brand mantra, logo, and brand look anchored by the line “Longmont. Colorado’s Best Kept Secret.” This mantra is supported with a messaging strategy that plays out in digital, social, public/media relations, direct media, and on the LEDP website. On paid social platforms, over 30 different creative campaigns were orchestrated to run at a given time, and were targeted by geography, target industry, and even job title.

Our one-to-one efforts to reach site selectors was designed to break through the clutter with a cheeky direct mail approach and maintain engagement through retargeting.

Advertising was buoyed by a national PR/MR effort to champion Longmont EDP’s novel collective impact approach and offer thought leadership in the economic development space.


In 2020, Longmont EDP had a 158% increase in site users pre- versus post-campaign. Paid social delivered 3.2 million impressions and over 8,700 clicks. Organic social reach, followers, and engagement all increased.

Longmont’s leadership received positive feedback and action from businesses, industry leaders, and talent who had seen campaign.


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