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Month: June 2014

Crisis Management: Making a Plan For the Bad and the Ugly

Crisis Management Public Relations is something all companies hope they never have to deal with—a completely reasonable dream. However, it’s crucial for any company, especially those who work within a high-risk market, to entertain the possibility of the worst happening. This is mainly due to the fact that if the worst does happen, you and […]

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3 Do’s and 2 Don’ts for Your Social Media Campaigns

We thought it’d be helpful to pass along just a few insights for running your social campaigns. Something’s work really well and something’s just don’t. Let’s start with the “bad stuff”. Here are the two DON’TS… #1. Do NOT Use The Same Content Across Multiple Social Channels Make sure you are created unique content for […]

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Leveraging Video for New Business Development

Most businesses have not yet realized the power of video as a sales tool. At Avocet, we have leveraged video as a follow-up tool for both ourselves and our clients. Data supports the continued growth of video marketing and its usefulness and besides that, not many businesses are using it in this realm. Our #AvoSense says that […]

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