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Month: April 2017

Using Social to Serve Up Authenticity

Social Marketing in Craft Beer. Tell a Story, Build the Brand. Craft beer drinkers are passionate about their beer and they are sharing it on social media. That makes social marketing a powerful tool to grow your brand, engage with enthusiasts and increase sales. In fact, according to a recent article in Forbes, Social Media […]

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Blog for Better Beer Sales

Blog for Better Beer Sales Do you blog? It’s a great tool to connect with your fans and build your brand story. If done well, and if it includes information that resonates, a blog can build familiarity, affinity, and trust with current and potential customers. Additionally, it gives you material to share on your social […]

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The Growth of Craft Beer is Flattening – Are You Preparing?

The Growth of Craft Beer is Flattening. Investing and planning now can ensure growth later. The growth is slowing, is the ride over?! No need to panic. The industry is still enjoying some very solid growth numbers. In fact, most industries would kill for a 6% growth rate. However, indications are the wild double-digit hockey […]

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Is Cannabis Cannibalizing Craft Beer?

Is Cannabis Cannibalizing Craft Beer? This controversy is getting a lot of attention, particularly in states where legislation to legalize pot is being introduced. The debate started when financial analysts from Cowen & Company stated “In adult-use cannabis markets, there are clear signs that cannabis is weighing on beer category trends,” and that beer sales in Colorado, […]

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Does Your Craft Beer Label Say “Try Me!”? Consider These Factors.

Does your Craft Beer label say “Try Me!”? Consider these factors. One of your most powerful marketing tools is your label, and the level of artistry and creativity in the industry is impressive. There is no shortage of examples and articles touting things like 14 Breweries That Have Mastered the Art of the Label and 20 Brilliant Beer […]

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Social Media Essentials in 2017: Grow Your Craft Beer Brand

5 Social Marketing Tips for Craft Beer for 2017 You already know that social media is an essential tool to market your craft beer brand (if you don’t, check out Using Social to Serve up Authenticity first) and you are regularly posting, tweeting and engaging with your followers. But do you feel like you are […]

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