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Month: July 2017

“If I build it they will come” and other startup marketing mistakes.

Great passion for your product and your business at startup is a given and essential. However, too often this great passion can mislead startups into believing that their product is so great, it will just sell itself, which is the #1 mistake a startup can make and a recipe for failure. A great product deserves […]

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Social Media Essentials in 2017: Grow Your Startup Brand

Five Social Marketing Tips for 2017 You already know that social media is an essential tool to market your startup brand and you are regularly posting, tweeting, and engaging with your followers. But do you feel like you are just talking to the same old people and that you aren’t getting the same UMPH! that […]

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Crowdfunding – Marketing Gold! Kickstart more than your capital.

Crowdfunding – Marketing Gold! Kickstart more than your capital. Posted by Lisa Murray, Content Marketing Director, Avocet Communications Every startup should consider crowdfunding, regardless of the needs or plans to raise capital. Even if VCs are falling over themselves to give you capital, the marketing benefits of a well-run crowdfunding campaign are invaluable and include: […]

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