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Month: August 2018

Understanding the Customer Journey

At Avocet we work with a number of B2C companies. The number one priority for these clients – whether their product is clothing, food, or tires – is always, from the very outset, to define their target markets and to understand their buyers’ journey. By understanding how a customer goes from “I want” to “I […]

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Define the SOLUTION, Target the CUSTOMER, & ENGAGE your audience: The Core of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

At Avocet we take an integrated approach to every marketing strategy we put in place. We don’t JUST design a website. We don’t JUST do media relations or JUST maintain our clients’ Facebook pages. To effectively grow a brand, to strategically make a brand in demand with the audiences that matter most, and impact the […]

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Authentic Brand Standing and Cause Marketing to Relate to Your Customers with Authentic Brand Standing and Cause Marketing

I have written a number of blogs about heart, about what it means to truly believe in what you’re doing, and about how important it is to have a passion for your job, your team, and for your brand. But, it’s more than that. Your brand has to have a stand. In a recent survey […]

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Living Your Brand (with John Bryant, No-Li Brew House)

When you buy a product or service, what is it that makes you say, “Oh, my gosh, I love this! This is the brand for me!!” Is it the brand’s logo? Is it the colors they use on their packaging? Is it because it has a catchy name? While all of these things have an […]

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Many of my guests on the Integrate & Ignite podcast are CEOs and CMOs of major corporations. They are fascinating people, to be sure. But, I also interview a great many men and women who are at the helm of small, startup businesses; bootstrapped or angel- and VC-backed, these are without a doubt some of […]

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