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Month: October 2018

Fueling Entrepreneurism

If you’re a regular listener to Integrate & Ignite, you know that I am fascinated by people with vision, by entrepreneurs who take ideas and turn them into something bigger, into something that helps others and that can even change the world. The art, the science, and the alchemy of the two that fuel these […]

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Sticky Storytelling

For millennia, humankind has been telling stories. Every culture, throughout history, has been – and is still – defined by the stories that are told and passed down from generation to generation. Stories give us context and meaning, they place us in time, connect us to the past, and link us to the future. Storytelling […]

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The Human Touch

We live in the Digital Age. Nothing new there. You can get most anything and DO most everything – including running a business – from the comfort of your couch and from a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Nothing new there, either. Don’t get me wrong; all the advances are great […]

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Order Out of Chaos

Here are two irrefutable facts: one, marketing strategies, and the technology we use to implement them, are evolving constantly, and two, keeping up with these changes can feel overwhelming, most especially to a client who is coming to us to make sense of it all and get results. I thrive in an atmosphere of creation […]

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