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Repositioning through humorous messaging grows bottom-line revenue.

AddOns is one of the most reliable and comprehensive managed I.T. services available to asset-intensive industries including mining and public transportation.

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The environment AddOns was battling when Avocet was brought on was one of increasingly intense competition. Many mom-and-pop operations were taking over in the space and many of their mid- to large customers were bringing marketing and sales services in-house. Making things even more difficult was having to navigate a very negative perception of I.T. providers in the marketplace, and the reality that many small- to mid-sized I.T. firms were being acquired by larger entities, making the need for AddOns’ services obsolete.


Our insights enabled us to reposition the brand from a position of strength and leadership. We assisted in aligning the company’s sales and marketing teams and developed growth strategies that highlighted AddOns’ powerful and proactive solution and its nimble approach to addressing customer fears and needs. Our focus was on revamping the brand’s outdated look and feel and on positioning AddOns as a thought-leader while infusing “relatable” humor in the often boring and mundane workdays of their customers. We engaged very specific audience segments and implemented new positioning strategies that increased top-of-mind-awareness throughout an extended sales cycle.


Our social program – which included a comprehensive retargeting and geo-targeting program surrounding the industry’s largest tradeshow – garnered 100s of thousands of impressions and higher-than-anticipated click-through rates well-above industry standards. Our geo-fencing campaign around the MineEXPO exceeded the industry average by almost .03%.

We evaluated the new AddOns website based on the following performance metrics:

  • Website Traffic: the number of sessions, pages per session, and bounce rate.
  • Time on Site: the amount of time a user spends on the website, or “Average Session Duration.”
  • Geographic Breakdown: the countries from which the website receives traffic.
  • Traffic Sources: the source from which the website receives traffic.
With each of these metrics, we exceeded our KPIs, including session, new users, and bounce rate. We continued to drive traffic to the AddOns website via online advertising social channels with content linking to the website, and increased visibility through online listings. The ongoing SEO optimization we developed helped to improve average session duration by making sure that website content was up-to-date, accurate, and targeted to the viewers AddOns wanted to attract.