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Taking a different approach to fight Alzheimer’s Disease garners 10,000 patients in twelve months.
Accera™, a privately held biotechnology company, discovers and develops breakthroughs in treating central nervous systems disorders. Axona™ is a first-in-class product for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes associated with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

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As a result of the audience and market assessment, and additional insights gleaned through medical trials, we uncovered a strategic niche that connected the dots regarding the benefits of Axona. The message focus for the physician market highlighted current vs. innovative approaches to fighting AD. The hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease is hypometabolism and when introduced to Keytones; the progression of the disease slows down. We placed a focus on the product benefit through the tagline “A Healthier State of Mind.”


As Axona’s strategic arm, after the brand identity was established and product positioning defined, Avocet developed a brand toolkit and created a brand management program for outside sales groups and Axona’s pharma marketing agency to implement.

Through collaboration with the commercialization team at Axona, we successfully launched the brand to the various internal and external audiences. Specific business development strategies and sales aid tactics were executed for the physician market. Strong education and empathy-based message maps for the caregiver audience addressed the emotional and physical strain family members endure while caring for a loved one.


Axona’s position and branding helped to define the strengths of the product and position it for growth. In twelve short months, this focus resulted in over 2,000 physicians prescribing and over 10,000 patients using Axona.