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Episode 334: Taking an Old School and Relationship-Focused Approach To Sales and Marketing with Author Bea Wray

by Avocet Communications

“I care enough about WHO you are to KNOW who you are.”


Bea Wray has five years of experience in personal branding and authority marketing. Her expertise is in strategic and partner marketing, gorilla marketing, company launches, and event management. She is also an author and keynote speaker on a wide range of topics including executive leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and women in business. Corporations increase employee engagement and excellence through her engaging presentations and active workshops on “Leadership Lessons,” professional development, and innovation. Associations and conferences hire Bea to energize audiences around collaboration, building personal brands, and leveraging networks to grow net worth. Her book, What an MBA Taught Me…But My Kids Made Me Learn, is available on both BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com.



Listen & Learn:

  • Why marketing is “more of a zipper than a snap.”
  • How to forge stronger engagements that are less likely to break apart.
  • Establishing marketing connectivity.
  • How to embrace change and new technology while still staying grounded in the “Old School what works.”



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