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Episode 314: Integrating Social Marketing Into Your Full-Funnel Approach with Casey Carroll of Action Advertising Agency

“Targeted AI is like a laser-guided nuclear bomb.”

Casey Carroll is the founder of Action Advertising Agency, a Washington state-based firm that works with small- to medium-size businesses nationwide to double (or even triple) profits through both innovative and exclusive advertising campaigns. His passion is for conversion and sales, and he proudly goes against the norm by focusing on just two things: cost per acquisition and return on ad spend. Casey has helped dozens of clients double their monthly collections (some much more) and to turn their ineffective acquisition strategies into profit powerhouses. He is a sought out speaker and has been on numerous interviews as he helps audiences scale their business.

Listen & Learn:

  • Targeted AI’s impact on revenue and profitability.
  • The importance of LinkedIn in the B2B environment.
  • Why it’s more important to test for avatars and the messaging-offer than for red versus green.
  • The steps a brand should take to determine their correct social marketing mix.
  • Attracting buyers at the right stage of the conversion funnel.
  • The myths surrounding where you should be finding your audience.


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