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Episode 292: Creating “Sticky” Video Content with Dale Haines of ASU Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions

“Everything is in sound bites, everything is in video, and everything is visual.”

Dale Haines is a marketing professional who has worked in a variety of industries including finance, aerospace, and software. His passion is helping companies increase brand awareness and grow their market share. What Dale has learned over his more than 20 years of experience, is that those two goals are dependent on building relationships. As he sums it up: people do business with people and with companies they like. Dale is a pioneer in digital media, an authority in video content marketing, and the marketing project manager at ASU Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions.

Listen & Learn:

  • Clearing up the myths and misconceptions about video content.
  • Incorporating infographics and calls-to-action into your videos.
  • How people engage with videos on different platforms.
  • Tips – and a short checklist – for creating effective video content.
  • Clearing up the myths and misconceptions surrounding video content.
  • Why video needs to be a part of the marketing mix.


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