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Episode 354: Understanding Group-Think and Personalized Marketing with Eric Reed of reed5group

by Avocet Communications


“On the receiving end of what we’re putting out for marketing, that’s where the behavior has been disrupted for the people we’re trying to connect with.”


Listen & Learn:

  • The elements of a personalized marketing strategy.
  • How curiosity and challenging the status quo to impact positive change.
  • What can you do to create the connection between sales and marketing?
  • The biggest challenges marketing directors face today.
  • How the receiving-end of the environment in which we are presenting information has changed drastically.
  • Ways to create affinity for your brand with personalized.

Eric Reed is the founder and CEO of reed5group and the host of take:5 The Rethink Marketing Podcast. He thrives in environments where transformational and turnaround leadership are pivotal to achieving unmatched and sustained growth. He is all about pushing intellectual boundaries in order to challenge groupthink; about building environments where culture is king; and about shaping innovative sales and marketing infrastructures, methodologies, and programs that yield company and client success. Over the course of his career, he has helped numerous clients including the Ohio State University Medical Center and the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant Group. He has managed experiential events such as the Western Southern Open ATP 1000 Event, the Bunbury Music Festival, and the IPXO – Global IP Lease & Monetization Platform. He has also been a guest lecturer at The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University where he spoke to students about attitudes, persuasive communications, and branded content. Through it all, Eric sees his role as an advocate, always finding ways to challenge the next generation of leaders in marketing challenge perception.


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