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Episode 295: Creating Buzz Through Retail Partnerships with Karina Kromsova of AKT Consulting

“Brand partnerships are the difference between surviving and thriving on the shelf.”

Karina Kromsova is the CEO of AKT Consulting. She’s an experienced brand and sales developer with 20 years in the food industry. She spent the first part of her career in retail, where she led product development and marketing for the $10B+ grocery company, Giant Eagle. She then followed her dreams to NYC where she worked for Chobani during its peak time of growth, developing sales in all emerging accounts. Later, she spent time helping new food startups, such as Aspire Food Group, and now for Reneva & Poshi.

Listen And Learn:

  • How to take a customer-centric approach when building brand partnerships.
  • The importance of aligning on goals and measurement.
  • The goal of brand partnerships should be to build harmony, synergy, and brand extension.
  • The importance of cross-promotion.
  • Ways to tap into retailers’ seasonal calendars.


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