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Episode 351: Thought Leadership and Ruffling Feathers with Matt Johnson

“You want to lead through ideas and concepts as opposed to leading by transferring emotion, energy, and enthusiasm.”


Listen & Learn:

  • Why thought leaders are natural teachers.
  • The three stages of influence.
  • The tipping point of influence.
  • Get seen, get noticed, and get known.
  • Why it’s important to ruffle some feathers.
  • How to decide which hill you want to die on

Matt Johnson is a marketing agency founder, podcaster, and musician. Matt runs a podcast launch and production agency based in San Diego. His international team helps business coaches, consultants, and thought leaders use done-for-you podcasting to attract an audience, build influence, and become MicroFamous. Matt is the author of MicroFamous and currently hosts the MicroFamous podcast. He is a frequent podcast guest and event speaker to audiences around the U.S., Canada, and Australia.


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