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Episode 327: Resiliency Marketing with Randall Scott White


“Get out there and make some exciting things happen for your brand as if you didn’t have a budget!”

Randall Scott White is a driven innovator recognized for his proven business results. Throughout his 20-year career, he has been in marketing and Internet leadership positions with Clear Channel Radio, Dave’s Killer Bread, Safeway, Urban Airship, and several major technology companies. His expertise is in brand integrity and reputation, corporate crisis management, product development, virtual reality, augmented reality, and effective content creation. An entrepreneur who celebrates creativity and originality, Randall is taking his career to the next level and pioneering the concept of what he calls, “resilience marketing.”

Listen & Learn:

  • What should be in your resiliency marketing tool kit.
  • The five-step process to creating a resilient marketing strategy.
  • How to monitor your brand’s voice in the marketplace.
  • Do “friendly battle” with your competition.
  • Strategically responding to negative reviews.


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