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Episode 285: Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams with Rose McCarty

“Every single marketing team should have a revenue goal.”

Rose McCarty is a results-driven global marketing executive with over 14 years of experience transforming marketing and communications groups into strategic teams aligned with business development. In addition to holding executive leadership positions with high-profile companies such as Stewart Title, Edge Group, and Compass Group, Rose leverages her experiences to grow the marketing industry. She recently spoke at the New York Stock Exchange on how customer experience is reshaping marketing and was later named to the inaugural Houston Power 50 award list by Texas Diversity magazine.

Listen & Learn:

  • How to align your sales and marketing teams.
  • Why marketing teams should have clear revenue goals.
  • The 80/20 Rule for inbound and outbound lead generation.
  • How to connect the dots between sales transactions and marketing efforts.
  • Simplify data.
  • How the marketing team can repurpose content to peak interest in sales.


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