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Episode 346: Eight Secrets to Bold Marketing with Suzanne Chadwick

by Avocet Communications

“Being bold is about going against the grain, moving forward without fear.”


Listen & Learn:

  • Eight secrets to bold marketing.
  • Moving your brand from boring to brave.
  • The importance of building relationships.
  • Amplifying your sales through brave strategies.
  • Why it’s important to study other brands, even those outside your industry, to see how they are approaching bold marketing.
  • The five key audiences to focus on, including super fans and collaborators.


Suzanne Chadwick is a BOLD business, branding and speaker coach that takes brands from “basic biscuits to delectable ‘got to have you goodness.’” A powerhouse female entrepreneur, Suz created The Brand Builder’s Academy and the Connection Exchange to help build a community of bold women changing the world. She is committed to being an advocate for equality in business and society and believes in being a bold and powerful voice to support those with less opportunity and access. Suz actively supports charities that help young women and girls to reach their full potential and works with small businesses to build their confidence to THINK BIGGER, PLAY BIGGER, and BRAND BOLDER. Partnering with both small and large businesses, she finds their wow factor, supports them to build brands with clear and powerful messages that connect with their audience, and helps her clients to stand out and make their business the exception, rather than the rule.


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