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Month: December 2018

Speaking your Customers’ Language

Here is a cold hard truth: If you don’t have a finger on the pulse of what your customers care about, someone else does. And, that someone else is the competition. As marketers, we have to always be on top of the latest trends – digital, voice, video, UX and UI, content strategies, influencer outreach […]

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Delivering On Your Brand’s Promise

It is a fiercely competitive world out there. Today’s customers are savvy, sophisticated, and have high expectations for the brands they love. And, as we all know, customers are in the driver’s seat and choose one brand over another for reasons beyond just the product or service provided. They have a TON of options and […]

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Optimizing for Voice Search: Beyond SEO and Searchability

Voice search is HUGE! Every marketing agency is working around the clock, implementing strategies that help their clients ensure that their websites are fully optimized for this voice-enabled technology that allows the user to use a voice command to search the Internet or a portable device. Let’s put it in perspective. According to Google, 41 […]

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