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Month: February 2019

eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce marketing, in the most simple of terms, is the use of certain tactics to drive customers to your website, to encourage them to buy, and to then keep them as customers after a purchase has been made. And, it is not an understatement to say that eCommerce is HUGE. According to eMarketer, eCommerce revenue […]

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Hiring and Keeping Talent

The ability to hire and keep talented, passionate, and committed professionals can make or break a business. Turnover, as we all know, is not only costly but can significantly affect the morale and culture of a team. The frustrating thing is that there really isn’t a sure-fire method or system to follow that ensures that […]

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Effective and Generous Leadership

To date, I have done over 250 podcasts. My guests and I have talked about everything from trends in marketing to team culture to new business strategies to building a brand to driving sales. On some episodes, we have even talked about being a parent (one of my favorite subjects!). As varied as my guests […]

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Building a Brand: It’s More Than a Tagline and a Logo

Building a Brand When you think of the word, “brand,” some very big names come to mind. Nike, McDonalds, Disney, Ford, Microsoft, Coke, just to name a few. We all have very distinct associations with these brands whether we use the products or services they provide or not. By simply watching TV, being on our […]

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