Being Heard and Seen in an Election Year

Being Heard and Seen in an Election Year

At Avocet we are keen strategists that spend our days coming up with new, engaging, and out-of-the-box ways to help our clients maintain and increase customer count.

The goal, of course – whether you’re a retail B2B or B2C company – is to increase that customer count by building your brand and your message in the minds of your consumers. Taking an integrated approach is vital; one tactic ties into and supports another. But, doing this during an election year, especially THIS one – one that is arguably the most intense in recent memory – is particularly challenging. And, it’s no wonder; I feel pretty safe in assuming that ALL of us, regardless of political persuasion, are getting mighty tired of the non-stop political and special interest ads that have taken over TV, radio, print, display, out-of-home, and social media. But, what’s worse than being tired or overwhelmed by the barrage of political advertising, is indifference. Make no mistake, your customers are simply checking out and are in danger of not connecting with your brand. Considering that the political window started months ago, that’s a REALLY long time to be out of touch.

And, those of us in the marketing business know all too well that customer apathy can greatly impact sales.

So, how do you increase brand awareness and customer engagement when there doesn’t seem to be room to be heard over the political din?

We’ve discussed the Rule of 20 here before. Briefly, the Rule of Twenty simply says that your prospects (i.e. potential customer) should be exposed to your ads at least twenty times before they buy what you’re selling. When building your brand, this kind of consistent exposure is what eventually makes consumers recognize your name.

Right now, during this political window, that number is even higher and integration becomes even MORE important.

At Avocet, we are making sure that every message we get out in the marketplace on behalf of our clients has several ways people can interact with it. For example:

Screen-to-screen viewing: This is when we have secured a TV spot during Prime Time, while at the same time we have put in place a heavy push with social advertising, outbound email, display, and SEM. By doing this, we are able to achieve multiple interactions during a short time frame. This means that those people that have turned off their TVs due to political saturation, will STILL connect with you via Facebook and Twitter. And, consider turning ON your messages on video platforms, such as YouTube and video integrated email. If your audiences are being engaged multiple times on multiple platforms – when and where they want to be connecting – they are more receptive to your message. And, most importantly, your brand rises above the noise and is heard loud and clear.

Lloyd Lewis, president and CEO of Arc Thrift Stores here in Colorado, knows first-hand the impact of this integrated approach. Take a listen to Lewis on a recent episode of the Integrate & Ignite Podcast to hear more.

B2B marketing is no different. Sure, you don’t have the Omnicom Channel approved, but you can still integrate display, social media marketing, direct mail, video messaging, and the tried and true telemarketing to shine a light on your brand.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you shine during this crazy time, and still be heard and still grow your customer base, give Avocet a call today!