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Earn and Build Customer Loyalty for Life

Regular readers of my blog and listeners of the Integrate & Ignite podcast know that I often talk about finding your “why.” I have been in this business for a long time, and while it changes and advances at a sometimes dizzying pace, the one thing that does NOT change and that has always been […]

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Using Marketing Automation to Identify Your Ideal Customer

What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is, according to industry statistics, a $32 billion business. That number is certainly only going to increase as the way in which it is utilized and the tool itself become more sophisticated. Companies use marketing automation to identify leads, convert them into sales, grow revenue, increase operational efficiency, and prove […]

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The Tonality of Your Brand

Let’s take a short survey. No pen or paper needed. Be honest. When you think of your brand, do you think about the way it’s experienced by your customers? Are the words, phrases, and images you’re using as the voice and the look and feel of your brand accurately expressing who you are? Is that […]

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Spring Integration

Sometimes a good metaphor really crystalizes an important point. And, as I am watching spring make a grand entrance once again, I can’t help but think about integrated marketing. Seriously!! That’s where my mind goes!! But, think about it; watching everything bud, bloom, green-up, and transform…you can’t help but notice the interconnectedness of it all. […]

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Online Marketing Tools for 2016

Are you keeping up with constant developments and new tools in online marketing?  The right tools can help you manage your presence, achieve results, and ensure that your digital strategies are successful. Here are several tools worth considering. Before starting any campaign, make sure you’re using the right metrics of online marketing. Only then can […]

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