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Sometimes a good metaphor really crystalizes an important point. And, as I am watching spring make a grand entrance once again, I can’t help but think about integrated marketing. Seriously!! That’s where my mind goes!!

But, think about it; watching everything bud, bloom, green-up, and transform…you can’t help but notice the interconnectedness of it all. Watching this symphony of one thing working to help another, I am reminded of how integration is the key ingredient to making things grow.

The rich soil begins by holding the seed, the sun does its part to nourish that seed into a bud, the rain lends a hand, the wind, the bees. Everything works together until finally a tulip or a crocus or the beginnings of a sturdy pine tree takes root. This connectedness continues, of course, all the elements in concert, making that flower or tree an entirely new and unique thing.

It’s the same with integrated marketing. No one media type will be able to foster growth for your business without the integration of others. A fantastic website doesn’t do your business much good if it’s not fully optimized with keywords. A great brochure isn’t going to help you grow your business if it isn’t targeted and supported by audience segmentation. A gorgeous print ad falls flat if it’s not integrated with the design elements and content found throughout your online presence. A digital campaign can only help your bottom line if it’s supported by an amazing PR/media relations strategy. In other words, if your brand doesn’t speak across all media, your message is diluted at best, falls silent at worse.

Pulling all of those pieces of the communication puzzle together, integrating them so that they work together and are supported by cohesive messaging, your brand, and targeted positioning, is what we do here at Avocet.

If you are ready to grow your business, build your brand, and drive sales, then we’re ready for you! Give our team a call today.

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