Disney Institute: Why You Should Give Your Company A “Detail” Audit

Disney Institute: Why You Should Give Your Company A “Detail” Audit

  • Traditional or online, the most successful marketing entails every aspect of your business no matter what category you’re in, and the difference is in what your customers notice most: small details. 
  • The acclaimed Disney Institute focuses on details as markers for success: the parking lot, the doorknobs, the exterior and interior designs – even the pictures in your office. Do they all support the image you’re building? Who answers the phone and greets your customers? What’s that first impression like? Hint: call your company and find out what it’s really like from a customer’s perspective. 
  • The small details build a large chain of customer reactions that take in every sensory emotion. One bad link weakens the entire chain – and your customer defects elsewhere, despite the thousands or millions you may have invested in advertising. 
  • Give your company a “Detail” audit. Map your customer’s journey by taking your own tour of your business from the outside in. Do you like what you see? Is it better than just average? What can you do to take the experience up a notch?
  • When you treat advertising and marketing as a modular department, it becomes focused on the heavy artillery, when in fact to be most successful, marketing involves every detail of your business.

Lori Sutorius Jones, Avocet Communications