Integrated Marketing: Three Tips to Get You Started

Integrated Marketing: Three Tips to Get You Started

There is no shortage of marketing channels, online or off. But when you’re a small business owner with limited knowledge of the digital marketing industry, this can be overwhelming. What works well in print and television marketing, isn’t necessarily true for social media and search marketing.

One mistake many small businesses make when moving into the digital marketing space is failing to integrate their digital marketing efforts. While they may have spent a decent amount of time and money on a well-designed website, their social media channels might look like they belong to a completely different company.

Here are a three ways to better integrate your digital marketing strategy:

Pick your channels carefully

Not every business needs a Pinterest account. If your business is a consumer product start-up, Pinterest is an excellent marketing channel. However, if you’re a technology firm, marketing on Pinterest may distort your brand image. Rather than adding every new digital marketing tactic to your strategy as they pop up, take a look at where you can use your resources most effectively.

Maintain consistency

Your website should be the flagship of your digital marketing strategy. As you build your online presence outward from that point, your brand image should remain consistent on social media pages and search campaigns. On social media, your profile images, descriptions, and posts should all reflect the look and feel of your website. On search, your text and description should also mirror the voice you have created on your website. Maintaining a consistent image of your business online will ultimately increase your company’s credibility.

Integrate communications

Social media is where you’re going to engage with your audience the most. However, only about 20 percent of your posts should be self-promotional. otherwise you will look too self-serving and decrease your company’s credibility. That means you have to make the most of that 20 percent. Make sure your promotional posts lead back to your website. Likewise, don’t use search marketing to promote your social channels if the end goal is your website. Integrating your marketing communications to drive traffic to a single goal will increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming. However, if you focus your resources effectively you can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

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