Keeping Your Brand Strong With Integrated Marketing

Keeping Your Brand Strong With Integrated Marketing

The marketing world of today is much more complicated than the marketing world of twenty-five years ago. Where there used to be only a handful of ways to market your brand to your audience, there are now, quite literally, hundreds. In 1989, it was believed that a consumer only needed to see your brand message three times in order to influence them to make a buying decision. Today, on the other hand, research has shown that consumers need to see your message 20 times – or more – to be influenced in the same way.

With countless ways to deploy your message, develop your brand, generate interest, and sell your product or service, it is more important now than ever to communicate with your audience across a broad range of marketing channels. A strong integrated marketing plan will make use of a variety of tactics, and it is essential that every marketing approach works together to create maximum impact and get the best possible results. As a business, it is important to keep your brand strong through integrated marketing.

These days, marketing surrounds us constantly. So, when a business creates their marketing plan, it is necessary to take into account the various forms of media which can be used to communicate to customers and potential customers. If the messages from your various marketing channels don’t work together cohesively and embody the same style and tone, they may actually work to undermine your brand, rather than fortify it as they can and should. This means your marketing communications cannot create the impact and compel customers and potential customers to make a buying decision.

In today’s fragmented marketing industry, a business that has a strong, integrated approach across all of their marketing channels is the one that will see the most success from its marketing campaign. Integrated marketing will strengthen your business’ brand because it ensures that the message you are communicating about your products or services is clear, no matter which medium your customer is using.

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