Marketing Plans are not About Companies

Marketing Plans are not About Companies

Most companies develop their marketing plans starting with the normal research, objectives, strategies and tactics with the sole purpose of increasing the company’s revenue and profit structure. However, marketing plans are not about companies – they’re about customers and what they experience that triggers a purchase and ultimate company loyalty.

Therefore, the development of marketing plans – or even singular promotional campaigns should start with the end – not the beginning. The end is about the customer or client who purchases your product or service.

Think through these questions when developing your customer profile.

1.  Who are we providing value to? (current customers, potential customers, lapsed customers)

2.  What needs and wants define your ideal customer?

3.  What characteristics define your ideal customer?

4.  Can your customers be sorted into different categories based on their needs, wants and characteristics?

5.  Why will this customer hire you?

Once you decide what you want your end-users to ultimately feel, experience and share with others, you can then work “backwards to the beginning” and develop a successful plan.

Next Week:  Customer Persona Development

Lori Jones, President, Avocet Communications