Recharging Your Creative Space

Recharging Your Creative Space

In a role where I am consistently in need creativity, I can often find my creative juices depleted.  I attended a training once that emphasized the importance of recharging and making sure you make time to do so.  In the marketing and advertising world, we need to have a constant pool of fresh and  motivating ideas to pose to clients and projects.  Sounds a but cheesy, but it really is important.

So how’re you staying recharged?  You need to make time to block off your space, turn off your phone, shutdown your email – and think.  It goes in line with that whole, ‘how can you pour into someone else if your glass is empty?’ thing.

Where do you find your energy? Is it thru reading, exercising, painting, biking or simply going for a walk?  Whatever it is, you need to prioritize it by putting it in your calendar.  Chances are if you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen.  Make it happen.  Block off some good unplug time and recharge.  Even if it’s only 15 minutes, give your mind a frequent break to regain some energy.

This is my #AvoSense for today.  You will be happier and perform better if you allow yourself the time and space to recharge those creative juices.  Chances are your best idea is out there yet.