Sales Pitch: Get Ready to LAUNCH!

Sales Pitch: Get Ready to LAUNCH!

If you’re a start-up, your entrepreneurial plate is full. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, but it’s not easy to get a venture off the ground. The reality TV show “Shark Tank” – where impresarios pitch their business ideas to five titans of industry and try and convince them to invest – is not too far off in terms of how it looks and feels to actually take a swing at potential backers.

What gets an idea off the ground and into the marketplace, of course, is money; money from investors that frankly, get pitched great ideas and “the next big thing!” all day long. But, that shouldn’t deter you. As part of your marketing strategy it is crucial to have a well-crafted, laser-focused, clear, concise, and differentiating sales pitch that will convince and WOW! potential investors and VCs you’re your idea is viable, compelling, and worth every penny!

At Avocet we have developed a hands-on process to help start-ups and entrepreneurs prepare for that all-important presentation. We expertly help you:

  • Establish objectives and a clear, strategic timeline;
  • Develop a key messaging and positioning framework that will differentiate you from the competition;
  • Draft a persuasive “elevator pitch”;
  • Define the opportunities in the market and anticipate problems;
  • Understand and differentiate your company from the competition;
  • Articulate your value proposition;
  • Target and approach investors; and,
  • Craft and design a spot-on, targeted presentation.

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