Video – Now Socially Acceptable

Video – Now Socially Acceptable

When you think of social media what comes to mind? Photos, quotes, networking, and what have you.  What about video though?  With the latest trending of Vine and Instagram video is becoming more and more popular and powerful.  The average user will spend 88% more time on websites that have video (Mist Media).  Video has also become the 6th most popular content marketing tactic (Eloqua).  We’ve also found that video holds someone’s attention for 5-7 seconds, whereas images fall short at 3 seconds.

Video Graphics

Leveraging video for your branding and messaging is going to be imperative in standing out amongst the noise.  It gives you the opportunity to show your businesses personality and flair.  Our advice aligns with the ole phrase, “strike while the iron’s hot.”  Now is your chance to be ahead of the curve with social media and what’s trending.  Creating short videos to display your services, how to’s, and other educational videos will display you as being a resource and ultimately generate new business.  With such user-friendly technology through Smartphones, video editing software, and apps – this technology is readily available.  One of the other great things about video is it appeals to such wide audiences.  Unlike some ads (be it display or print) that only appeal to certain demographics, everyone seems to be attracted to short videos.  It is effortless for a potential customer to view a short clip, and afterwards they will feel more connected to your business than they would by any other advertising means.

Here’s your #AvoSense for today; get into video, get into it now, and have some fun doing it!  It could become your new favorite part of your job…