Why you need a professionally written and placed news release

Why you need a professionally written and placed news release

As a small business, your success hinges on getting the word out and creating awareness about your company. Creating buzz through paid advertising is great. However, getting THIRD PARTY endorsement through media relations is perhaps even more effective and I would argue reaches and converts potential customers on a much deeper (and lasting) level.

One way to do this is to integrate a strategic news release distribution campaign into your communications plan that keeps your company top of mind.

Drafting and distributing a news release might seem like an easy no-brainer, but in fact, a well-crafted release is something that has very specific parameters and strategies.

Here are a few reasons WHY it’s important to have news about your company written and distributed by a professional.

  1. News releases must follow a very specific and expected format and style in order to be accepted by the media.
  2. News releases must follow AP style.
  3. The headline and first sentence are key. No one will read the release if these two things aren’t written in a way to grab attention.
  4. It matters…A LOT…TO WHOM you send your news release.
  5. It matters…A LOT…HOW you send your news release.
  6. It matters…A LOT…WHEN you send your news release out (day of the week, time of day).
  7. A communications professional can help you incorporate key messages throughout the release in ways that will help with SEARCHABILITY, SEO and “Google juice.”

Naturally, there are other important things to consider – including using a wire service, one-on-one pitching, follow up, and syncing up with editorial calendars – and multi-purposing your release within social media and beyond the usual channels is also important. But, knowing the basics of a strategically written and targeted release is the first hurdle you need to clear in order to get your news “in the news.”

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