Working to Make a Difference

Working to Make a Difference

If you’re like me, your workday is not anywhere close to 9 – 5. You’re moving a million miles a minute, multi-tasking, juggling deadlines, and putting out fires 24/7…and doing it all with focus and drive, I might add!


What fuels that drive, I wonder? For me, the gas in my engine is the chance to help others. It’s about having that vision top of mind in everything I do. Whether that is on a personal level or in ways that I help my clients grow their businesses, it’s about making a difference.


One of Avocet’s clients is arc Thrift Stores. Arc Thrift Stores is one of the largest employers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state of Colorado. With 27 stores throughout the state and over 300 employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the mission set forth by the organization’s president and CEO, Lloyd Lewis, drives arc every day. Lloyd believes, as I do, that making a difference – and in his case, that difference is advocacy – is the vital ingredient to any successful business.


Finding what drives you – and by extension your team – is, of course, very personal. Defining it is a challenge, but it’s one that I actually enjoy a great deal. It’s also something that the Avocet team helps our clients do. We often host brand stand workshops, where we help our clients dig deep to uncover the WHY that drives and defines the WHAT and the HOW of their business.


Listen in to my conversation with Lloyd here; I am certain you will be inspired!