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Hiring and Keeping Talent

The ability to hire and keep talented, passionate, and committed professionals can make or break a business. Turnover, as we all know, is not only costly but can significantly affect the morale and culture of a team. The frustrating thing is that there really isn’t a sure-fire method or system to follow that ensures that […]

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Effective and Generous Leadership

To date, I have done over 250 podcasts. My guests and I have talked about everything from trends in marketing to team culture to new business strategies to building a brand to driving sales. On some episodes, we have even talked about being a parent (one of my favorite subjects!). As varied as my guests […]

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Adventures in Team Building

There have been a TON of articles, books, and even academic dissertations written about team building; why we need it, how the best companies do it, and its impact on productivity, longevity, and the bottom line. It’s certainly a subject that I take very seriously and something that I consider to be one of the […]

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Leadership that Drives Strategy

The work we do for our clients – innovative, integrated marketing campaigns that grow their businesses and make them in demand – is always based on keen, strategic planning and creative execution. In the simplest of terms, I define strategy as the direction. I define leadership as the driver that translates that strategy into action. […]

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Working to Make a Difference

If you’re like me, your workday is not anywhere close to 9 – 5. You’re moving a million miles a minute, multi-tasking, juggling deadlines, and putting out fires 24/7…and doing it all with focus and drive, I might add!   What fuels that drive, I wonder? For me, the gas in my engine is the […]

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The Heart In Marketing

We LOVE integrated marketing. Helping businesses grow by crafting and implementing the right strategy and by deploying state-of-the-art technologies and approaches is where our heart is. But, heart is also about service. It’s about helping others succeed, lifting others up, and making a difference. Since the day we first opened our doors, Avocet has been […]

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The Culture of Your Business

Does the culture of your company matter? Should you care if your employees enjoy coming to work and spending the lion’s share of their week working for your business? Does paying attention to workplace culture actually help you attracting employees, retaining amazing people, and improve performance and your overall bottom line? The answer to all […]

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Love What You Do, Do What You Love: Leadership and Creating a Workplace Culture Where Teams Thrive

When we take a second to really look at how much time we spend working, the numbers are a little staggering. Statistics show that the average person works well over 90,000 hours in his or her lifetime. In other words, we basically spend 1/3 of our lives at the office, behind a desk, or in […]

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