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Month: August 2012

Google And Google Mobile: Two Separate Search Engines

• With recent reports stating that there will soon be more smartphones than people in the world, Google is rushing to refine its mobile search capabilities – and your business will want to be part of it. • Google will have two entirely different search engines. Its search index for mobile and its main one […]

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Courting The Customer

How do you get your message to stand out and resonate with your target audience?  Simple, by telling a story that captures attention.  Your customers, clients and and prospects are courted by a plethora of marketing messages every day, across multiple “screens”, whether it be TV, Mobile Phone, iPad or computer. Think about the brands […]

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Facebook For Advertising: The Best Strategy For The Best Results

• After its poor IPO showing and with a need to generate revenues that meet shareholder expectations, Facebook’s new challenge is persuading companies like yours, that its advertising model can be successful. • Since General Motors pulled its advertising budget from Facebook, claiming its ads had little impact on car purchases, many have questioned the […]

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Pandas And Penguins: Google’s Changes Upset Website Rankings

• Over the past three months, Google has been refining its algorithm with updates named after animals. The first major update was Panda, and the most recent was Penguin. • Both updates threw the SEO world into a frenzy; websites that once enjoyed top positions on Google have been penalized for infractions such as keyword […]

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