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Facebook For Advertising: The Best Strategy For The Best Results

• After its poor IPO showing and with a need to generate revenues that meet shareholder expectations, Facebook’s new challenge is persuading companies like yours, that its advertising model can be successful.

• Since General Motors pulled its advertising budget from Facebook, claiming its ads had little impact on car purchases, many have questioned the value of Facebook as a results-oriented advertising medium.

• We take a different approach, feeling that not enough advertisers have focused on the best way to utilize Facebook.

• As you just can’t slap together a TV commercial, a print ad or run a direct mail program once and expect it to be successful – you have to invest time and creativity into your message and make sure it speaks to your target audience in each medium. But here’s the key – the message for each medium just may have to be different.

• Facebook is best used, not for advertising, but as a marketing platform, with stories of interest that capture the users’ emotions about a specific product that is featured or directly related to one’s specific advertising campaign.

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