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Month: October 2015

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Business

In small businesses, marketing plan development can make or break you. It is important not to become too stagnant and to always be moving forward. When developing your business’ marketing plan, here are some important things to consider. Who is your target customer? Understanding your customer is one of the most important and critical strategies […]

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How To Develop An Effective Integrated Marketing Campaign

In today’s marketing world, businesses are faced with several ways of putting their brand’s message out there: from print advertising to online advertising to email marketing and social media sites. As a business, you know the importance of utilizing all of those mediums, but doing so effectively can be tricky. In order to make the […]

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The History of Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing communication is a strategic marketing effort that has rapidly grown in importance since it was first conceptualized. To better understand how integrated marketing works, it helps to understand the history behind it. A term coined in 1989, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) began as a need to focus advertising efforts across several different promotional […]

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Media Training Puts the “Relations” in Media Relations

An important part of any integrated marketing plan, media relations is built on relationships. While a company pays the public relations and marketing folks to manage media relations, the real key to success is having accessible, well-prepared spokespeople with solid media training. Here are some tips to help you better train your executives to understand […]

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The Importance of Integrated Marketing: Using All the Legs of the Chair

Picture a chair in your mind. Now, imagine that all four legs of that chair are different lengths and different widths. That sounds like a pretty useless chair, right? A chair like that couldn’t possibly be very strong or effective. Well, you may not realize it, but your business’s marketing strategy might be a lot […]

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Integrated Marketing: Assimilating Your Company’s Message Into the Online World

In today’s online world, the face of marketing is constantly changing. In order for businesses to stay competitive, it’s important that they stay up-to-date on the latest marketing tools, trends and strategies. Perhaps one of the most important marketing strategies a business can use is integrated marketing communications. A this point, you may be wondering, […]

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6 Reasons Social Media Is Not Working For You

It’s no secret that social media is the one of the most effective tools for growing your business’s following, but that doesn’t mean it’s easily done. Knowing what you’re doing wrong is usually even more valuable than knowing what you’re doing right, so here are 5 reasons social media is not working for you. REWORK […]

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Integrating SEO For Optimal Web Results

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a complex topic that can be difficult to understand, especially since it’s changing every day. The method of determining search engine rankings is constantly being updated, and that means that, although you have SEO working for your website today, it is likely to change in the not-to-distant future. In […]

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Sales Pitch: Get Ready to LAUNCH!

If you’re a start-up, your entrepreneurial plate is full. It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, but it’s not easy to get a venture off the ground. The reality TV show “Shark Tank” – where impresarios pitch their business ideas to five titans of industry and try and convince them to invest – is not too far off […]

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Are you ready to spread the news?

One of the most important strategies to integrate into your communications strategy is PR and media relations. Paid advertising is an important and helpful way of growing your business. But don’t underestimate the reach of third party endorsement, of positioning your company as a NEWS MAKER by using the power of the public relations and, […]

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