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Playing Fearless, a Lesson from Golf

The Avocet team had the opportunity to participate in Arc Thrift Stores charity golf outing this past week. Beyond it being a great time on the course to spend the day outside with the team, I learned a few things along the way.

The tournament format allowed for the best ball to be used at each point in the hole meaning, not only did we take the best drive but also for each stroke we took the best shot. This took an immense amount of pressure off each individual in the group to consistently shoot well.  In fact, if another teammate had a very playable shot and went before you in the rotation, it allowed the following teammate to play more aggressively and try some more creative shots.

This feeling of being free to swing for the stars while on the course often resulted in a magnificent shot.  This due to the fact, that the individual who was no longer looking to play it safe, but rather trying to take a shot that normally wouldn’t be safe. This was the key to our success in getting second in the tournament.

There is no reason this same approach can’t be repeated in the day-to-day work with a team in the office. By taking the attitude of playing it safe and aiming for the safe approach in a project you limit the teams’ inherent capability to play fearless.

When you play without fear, you win, or in our case come in second (by just one stroke).

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