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Avocet Communications Airs 50th Episode of its Integrate & Ignite Podcast

50 of the Countries Top Entrepreneurs and CEOs Talk Strategy, Leadership, and How to Succeed in Today’s Business Climate DENVER (February 8, 2017) – Avocet Communications, one of the nation’s leading integrated marketing communications agencies, celebrated the airing of its 50th podcast, Integrate & Ignite, this week. The twice-weekly program, launched just six months ago, […]

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Navigating Shark Invested Waters and Making the Most of the Marketing Opportunities: A Marketer’s Guide

“You should go on Shark Tank,” This is something that many entrepreneurs hear regularly. But, how realistic is that really? Working to get on the ABC reality show is a journey in itself and NOT easy; 10,000 on average apply for 120 slots. But, what if is DOES happen to you like it did for our […]

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Public Relations: A brief history

Public Relations History Play around Wikipedia and you can’t help but stumble onto some rather astonishing historical facts. Here’s one: A clay tablet found in ancient Iraq that promoted more advanced agricultural techniques is sometimes considered the first known example of public relations. So, PR has indeed been around a loooonnnggg time! But, that’s really […]

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How Public Relations Helps Your Company’s Image

Public relations is an important part of any company’s integrated marketing plan. A good PR department cultivates and maintains the public image of your company, and a good reputation is essential in a competitive marketplace. For ongoing success in growing your business, your company has to use PR to build credibility and reliability with consumers. […]

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Media Training Puts the “Relations” in Media Relations

An important part of any integrated marketing plan, media relations is built on relationships. While a company pays the public relations and marketing folks to manage media relations, the real key to success is having accessible, well-prepared spokespeople with solid media training. Here are some tips to help you better train your executives to understand […]

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NFL Sponsors Face Tough Decisions

With the public relations and media nightmare hovering around the NFL due to some poor choices of its players, it really shows marketers the risks we take when aligning our established brands with an association whose actions we have no control over. The NFL has always been a great association for big brands. It produces […]

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Out-Execute Your Competition In 2014

1. Focus On Profit Margins Are you focused on selling products that return a high profit in dollars as opposed to profit percentages? There’s a big difference between the two, especially when you realize you can’t take percentages to the bank. 2. Focus On Your People Is your staff on board with your company’s goals, […]

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Is Content Marketing A Requirement For Online Success?

60 Second Read The fact is that you don’t need to do content marketing to be visible online, but if you want to be visible “everywhere,” then utilizing the various platforms for content marketing can achieve that and even give you the opportunity to hold down two to three of the top 10 positions on […]

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How Important is LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation?

Can LinkedIn be an effective lead generator for your business? In a study of 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers to determine the strongest platform for lead generation, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of all of the social media platforms – 2.6 percent, four times higher than Twitter (.67 percent) and seven times better than […]

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Is Your Business Healthy Enough To Survive 2013?

• One of the most difficult things for companies to do is a physical fitness review of the past 12 months’ performance in order to right what was wrong and re-invent what was status quo. • Key areas to check your pulse rate include: 1. Corporate Health: How well did your company’s purpose, position, differentiation […]

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