Why Mobile Marketing?

Why Mobile Marketing?


Have you sat on a bus recently or jumped on an elevator? What are people doing? They’re on their smartphones. Did you know average person checks their phone 110x per day? Nielson also found in March 2013 that mobile app users spent an average 9 hours and 6 minutes per month on social media usage activities. This data is crazy!

For most people, their phone is their lifeline. It’s how we consume most information; traffic, news, social, weather. We are constantly on our devices viewing information and most of that information is instant. If I want breaking news the first place I go is Twitter. If I want to post something for friends and family, I go to Facebook. If I want to show off my professional kudos, LinkedIn.  Mobile has totally changed our behavior and consumption habits.

For marketers this is something serious for you to consider. For instance, the average time someone checks their devices after receiving a notification on their phone is within 3 minutes. No other platform offers you such instant interaction with customers. It’s time start leveraging mobile for your marketing plan. Even with social media mobile is taking over; 80% of time spent on smartphones is while on social sites. There are also more smartphones in US than TVs. Mobile drives even more engagement with social media. On mobile, the weight of social time-spend is even greater than it is on the desktop.

With smartphone technology continually improving mobile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I hope this gives you some insight as to why our #AvoSense is to encourage you to add this into your marketing plan.