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Month: April 2014

Marketing Plans are not About Companies

Most companies develop their marketing plans starting with the normal research, objectives, strategies and tactics with the sole purpose of increasing the company’s revenue and profit structure. However, marketing plans are not about companies – they’re about customers and what they experience that triggers a purchase and ultimate company loyalty. Therefore, the development of marketing […]

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Why Mobile Marketing?

Have you sat on a bus recently or jumped on an elevator? What are people doing? They’re on their smartphones. Did you know average person checks their phone 110x per day? Nielson also found in March 2013 that mobile app users spent an average 9 hours and 6 minutes per month on social media usage activities. This data […]

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The King vs. The Queen of Content

Most of us have heard the phrase “content is king”, but who is queen? Content itself simply is not enough anymore, we have to be generating compelling content in order to bring about the queen. Engagement. A while back, best practices use to be pumping out as much content as you possibly could; flooding it on […]

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Usable Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2014

Here are some highlights I wanted to share from the SMMW14 conference that I was able to attend last week. The items below in particularly stood out to me. This conference was a great opportunity to engage and learn from industry thought leaders such as Jay Baer, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith and many others. I’ve broken down […]

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