The King vs. The Queen of Content

The King vs. The Queen of Content

Most of us have heard the phrase “content is king”, but who is queen? Content itself simply is not enough anymore, we have to be generating compelling content in order to bring about the queen. Engagement.

A while back, best practices use to be pumping out as much content as you possibly could; flooding it on your website, covering your graphics, long run-on paragraphs. Obviously much has changed since then. More recently marketers have relied on culled down relevant content as their strategy. It’s evolving again. You need to create content that is going to ENGAGE your audience. This is going to bey key in having relevancy and growth, especially with social media and blogging.

Users spend over 80% of their time online on social media sights. This is where being engaging is key. A good example is that since Facebook has changed its algorithm and organic reach has plummeted you now have to heavily rely on users likes, comments, and shares in order to obtain organic reach. So how do you accomplish interaction? That’s right, engaging content.

So, what do I mean by “engaging content”? What are the things that your audience truly cares about? What are their challenges? How can you help them succeed? What matters in their community? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when writing your content. Remember, people are searching online, reading blogs and on social media because it’s enjoyable; you need to create content that is going to blend into those experiences not appear as an ad. If you are a restaurant, don’t just talk about your food but talk about food pairings and recipes. If you sell car parts, discuss do it yourself repairs and safety tips.

Statistics show that people are far more likely to purchase from a company if their community refers it to them. This is why we want to engage audiences, we want them talking to us, with us, about us, and sharing us with their community.