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Blog to Build your Brand

Do you blog? It’s a great tool to connect with your fans and build your brand story. If done well, and if it includes information that resonates, a blog can build familiarity, affinity, and trust with current and potential customers. Additionally, it gives you material to share on your social platforms and helps with SEO. […]

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6 Steps to Content That People Will Want to Share

Content: it’s a living thing. It starts as a concept, becomes words and then is branded messaging that distinguishes and reinforces who you are and what you do. It has the power to change hearts and minds, and to make people ACT. But 1st it has to motivate to share. Here is a great acronym […]

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How to Create “Aha” Content

Yes, content is still king, but there are so many kingdoms now the question is, “how do you make yours break through?” There’s an old but effective tactic that you need to revive. Storytelling. According to Inc. every minute there are 1.3m pieces of content shared on Facebook, 350k tweets posted, and 100 hours of video […]

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What’s All The Retargeting About?

Retargeting; I’m sure you have heard the term by now.  But what is it exactly and how does it work? Whether you realize it or not – you have experienced retargeting personally. Say you go to NBA.com to check out a new team jersey. You click on it, maybe select your size, and perhaps even […]

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How Do You Overcome Showing ROI with Social? Here’s 5 Things.

We all know that getting your business to invest in social media can be a tough sell. Often times the big question is “how can you show me the ROI?” It can be a difficult conversation to have, and an even more difficult one to win.  As  of now, it’s hard to show a direct correlation […]

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Customer Segmentation vs. Customer Persona: How well do you know your customer?

We field many questions regarding the differences between customer segmentation and personas.  These are two very different tools that work together to refine an overall marketing approach to help increase sales.  Customer Segmentation is a Marketing Tool Customer Segmentation defines the different groups of customers that organizations and companies aim to reach or serve.  It […]

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3 Do’s and 2 Don’ts for Your Social Media Campaigns

We thought it’d be helpful to pass along just a few insights for running your social campaigns. Something’s work really well and something’s just don’t. Let’s start with the “bad stuff”. Here are the two DON’TS… #1. Do NOT Use The Same Content Across Multiple Social Channels Make sure you are created unique content for […]

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A Blog About Blogging.

Ironically, this blog is about blogging. Many of you may be skeptical about the point of blogging for your business. But the reality is creating valid unique content is only going to benefit you and lift your brand. Blogging even strengthens your SEO results and can help you become a resource to your audience (which […]

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The King vs. The Queen of Content

Most of us have heard the phrase “content is king”, but who is queen? Content itself simply is not enough anymore, we have to be generating compelling content in order to bring about the queen. Engagement. A while back, best practices use to be pumping out as much content as you possibly could; flooding it on […]

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