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Pandas And Penguins: Google’s Changes Upset Website Rankings

• Over the past three months, Google has been refining its algorithm with updates named after animals. The first major update was Panda, and the most recent was Penguin. • Both updates threw the SEO world into a frenzy; websites that once enjoyed top positions on Google have been penalized for infractions such as keyword […]

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Playing Fearless, a Lesson from Golf

The Avocet team had the opportunity to participate in Arc Thrift Stores charity golf outing this past week. Beyond it being a great time on the course to spend the day outside with the team, I learned a few things along the way. The tournament format allowed for the best ball to be used at each point in the […]

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The Mobile Consumer

In today’s complex marketing landscape, it is increasingly difficult to capture your share of consumer attention.  If your business is in business to make money (and who isn’t) then one of the best ways to sell whatever it is that you are selling is with mobile marketing. “Don’t leave home without it” may be the […]

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Six More Months To Go: Asking The Most Important Question Of 2012.

• Believe it or not, the year is half over. Now’s the best time ever to evaluate the past six months and ask the most important business question of the year: What do you have to do for the rest of this year to reach your profit goals? • Without profit goals, your company has […]

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Content Curation

Savvy marketers are constantly challenged with creating engaging content that resonates with target audiences.  Why is it so important?  Because getting as many people as possible to engage with your content helps both with building brand awareness and brand affinity and it plays a big part in SEO and social strategies. Here are a few best […]

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Three Days A Week: Is This The New Way Of Newspapers?

The New Orleans Times-Picayune announced that it is ceasing daily publication this fall and will only publish print editions three days a week – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Is this the future of newspapers stuck in the middle of a rapidly changing digital environment, where their pure purpose may be just as a distribution vehicle […]

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Does Your Company Have A Gold Standard Of Service?

• In all business categories, the defining decision a customer or client makes in determining whether to purchase from you or your competition, comes down to one single element: service – the overall experience and delight of dealing with your company. • How you structure your customer service experience is a critical part of your […]

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QR Code Scans Gaining More Traction, Increasing 157%

Consumers’ use of QR Codes is growing in popularity, up 157percent during the first quarter of this year compared to the same time period last year, according to a report by Scanlife, the mobile barcode solution provider. The heaviest usage has occurred while shopping: 57 percent have scanned a QR code for product details while […]

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The Secret To Success In Social Media: The Filtering Process

It can be terribly confusing – so many social media platforms. On some you, can write an essay; others are limited in their character counts. Some platforms are category-specific and others have mass appeal. On some you can pin, others just stream by. While much has been said about the importance, value and frequency of […]

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Liking Or Disliking Facebook Stock: Why It’s A National Obsession

The Facebook IPO rollout, hyped to be a huge success, turned into a colossal failure. When you look at all the possible contributing elements – sabotage, mystery, murky financial dealings and the greed of Wall Street – it’s no wonder that watching the events this coming month will be like watching a true-mystery drama unfold […]

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