July 60 Seconds

July 60 Seconds

July 2010 –

Special Summer Issue: Cracking The Marketing Code
Estimated Reading Time: 60 Seconds

60 Second Articles:

  1. Crack The Marketing Code By Answering These 10 Critical Questions
  2. Look Who’s Talking — Not The Movie
  3. The 60 Second Close: Is It Time For “Retro” Marketing?

Crack The Marketing Code By Answering These 10 Critical Questions


  1. Does your company have a unique “story” to tell that makes it stand out from the competition?
  2. Does your company offer a product, a service or an experience that is not only of value, but is memorable enough to break through the advertising clutter and be heard by your target audience?
  3. Does your company employ a team of goodwill ambassadors who have a passion for the company’s culture, philosophy and the product?
  4. Does your company understand what business it is really in? (Southwest Airlines in not in the airline business, but in the business of providing people a safe, fun and memorable way to get to their destination.)
  5. Does your company understand the lifetime value of a customer and the exorbitant costs of gaining new customers versus retaining current customers? Does your company have a retention strategy?
  6. Does your company know who its best customers are, not by demographics, but by their first name? How is your company rewarding the best customers for their valued loyalty?
  7. Does your team have not only an intimate knowledge of your product and service, but an understanding of what’s most profitable — not in terms of percentages, but in real dollars and cents?
  8. Do your company and team strive to make a difference in your community, where your customers live and work?
  9. Does your company have a “face” – a personality, a CEO, a President or an owner to which customers can relate to and readily access?
  10. While everyone loves first impressions, does your company leave an everlasting final impression with customers that creates memorable conversations and encourages repeat purchases?


2. Look Who’s Talking – Not The Movie


  • Here’s an instant and reliable way to find out if anyone’s talking about you or your company on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a new search engine called Kurrently, at www.Kurrently.com.
  • Test it yourself by sending out a tweet and then go to Kurrently and do a search for a keyword within that tweet. Presto, you’ll be found. Now, test it with other keywords that are relevant to your business. It’s quite possible that people are talking about your product without you even knowing about it.



3. The 60 Second Close: Is It Time For “Retro” Marketing?


  • Incorporating TV, radio, print, direct mail and billboards into your advertising plan almost seems “retro” because no one talks about traditional advertising anymore. It’s not the “in-thing” and it just doesn’t seem glamorous like it used to be.
  • Contrary to what the many pundits are saying, we strongly advocate that when targeted properly, “retro marketing” still works and it works even better once you’ve cracked the all-important marketing code.