June 60 Seconds

June 60 Seconds

June 2010 –

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60 Second Articles:

  1. Google TV: It Will Dramatically Change The Way You Advertise
  2. Facebook: We Have Met The Enemy And The Enemy Is …
  3. The 60 Second Close: The Landscape Is About To Change. Are You Ready?

Google TV: It Will Dramatically Change The Way You Advertise


  • The newly introduced Google TV (www.google.com/tv) will change the way you watch TV and change the way companies like yours advertise. In case you missed it, Google TV will allow you to integrate the Internet with the high-quality viewing experience of TV.
  • In other words, instead of downloading a movie or a TV program from Hulu (www.hulu.com) and watching it on your small laptop screen, you’ll be able to watch it on your TV. Anything that’s available on the Internet, including your own photos and movies, will be available for viewing on your TV.
  • With Google’s successful track record of “changing the world,” one can expect explosive industry-wide developments to occur in the near future that will affect your lifestyle, your purchasing decisions and the way you market your own business.
  • As an example, in the near future your company will be able to buy TV spots that reach just your immediate neighborhood, where possibly 80 percent of your prime prospects live, rather than “wasting” the message on the whole city.
  • And, imagine the viewers who are interested in your message being able to click on their remotes and automatically sign up to get more information. They could also make an instantaneous reservation or appointment, or find out if your product is immediately available and then be able to purchase it right away. Get ready. The TV revolution starts this fall.



2. Facebook: We Have Met The Enemy And The Enemy Is …


  • Facebook continues to be under attack for its lax privacy rules. Although the hugely popular networking site will continue to make refinements to satisfy its users, the reality is simply to know that in this age of the Internet, privacy is now a thing of the past. There’s no getting away with what Facebook says you did or what Google’s search results says you are.
  • But who’s really to blame? All along, participation has been a choice — play the game or sit on the sidelines. And while there’s a tendency to place the full blame on Facebook, MySpace and even Google, they may not really be the true enemy. It just may be us.


3. The 60 Second Close: The Landscape Is About To Change. Are You Ready?


  • The advertising landscape is about to change right in front of our eyes. While there will be both winners and losers, we’ll all be the beneficiaries of changes that will give businesses more effective and targeted opportunities to increase sales, no matter which industry sector you are in.

Currently, there are three hard-hitting battles being engaged — the telecom giants are slugging it out for mobile supremacy, the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms for “app” and smartphone supremacy and starting in the fall, the new TV revolution. Will the traditional networks allow Google TV to take revenue and viewing time away from them? How will the cable and satellite companies react?